‘Momentum’ has been a collaborated effort, with the young, brilliant minds sharing what they know about a particular topic in the field of Operations and Supply Chain Management. Business minds in top B-schools nationally and internationally pen articles on the theme of the issue. Apart from articles momentum covers a wide number of interesting topics like a start-up in operations, recent trends and scope in operations, brain teasers like a crossword puzzle and caselets and many more. With different experiences being shared, this magazine is not a knowledge gaining but knowledge sharing platform. Momentum is released quarterly on our social media handles. best operations magazine. best supply chain magazine. best logistics magazine. 

The Issue of Momentum June 2019 Edition talks about the recent trends in Supply Chain. The theme of this edition was Supply Chain in the 21st Century. This edition talks about the various technologies used nowadays in Supply Chain. It also talks about IoT, Big Data, Cloud Computing, CPS, etc. and how companies use these technologies to change the business landscape in which they operate to gain competitive advantage thereby helping them gain market share. This edition adds another country to its list receiving an article from France.

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