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‘Momentum’ has been a collaborative effort, with the young, brilliant minds sharing what they know about a particular topic in the field of Operations and Supply Chain Management. Business minds in top B-schools nationally and internationally pen articles on the theme of the issue. Apart from articles momentum covers a wide number of interesting topics like a start-up in operations, recent trends and scope in operations, brain teasers like a crossword puzzle and cases and many more. With different experiences being shared, this magazine is not a knowledge gaining but a knowledge-sharing platform. Momentum is released quarterly on our social media handles. best operations magazine. best supply chain magazine. best logistics magazine. 


FORSE is glad to share that in the June 2022 Edition of MOMENTUM, we have considered the theme of ‘Evolution of Logistics and Supply Chain,’ which focuses on the advancements in the current supply chain and logistics practices. Evolution of Logistics and Supply Chain encompasses the recent trends in Commercial and Military Logistics, Multimodal Logistics Park, Hyperlocal Market Place Model, and much more to obtain an efficient and resilient.

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FORSE is glad to share that in the March 2022 Edition of MOMENTUM, with the theme of 'Circular Supply Chain,' which focuses on the revolutionary technologies that are reshaping the supply chain industry. The circular Supply Chain encompasses Digital Traceability, Reverse Logistics strategies for E-commerce, Circular Supply Chain in Waste Management, Data Analytics used in Circular Supply Chain, Circular Economy Business Models for Sustainable Production, Applications of Supply Chain in Circular Economy, Circular Supply Chain in the Retail Industry, Drivers and Barriers in Circular Supply Chain, Linear VS Circular Supply Chain, and Trends and Innovations in Circular Supply Chain.

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The December 2021 Global Supply Chain Management (GSCM) International Edition of Momentum revolved around 'Digital Supply Chain.' The recent industrial trends owing to Industry 4.0 have impacted manufacturing and service industries to a large extent. The application of Supply Chain Analytics has helped companies optimize the freight supply chain. The articles included in the issue provide insights into Artificial Intelligence implemented for continuous and proactive improvement during the pandemic to build resilient and responsive supply chains. There has been an increasing shift towards strategizing the supply chain towards achieving sustainability through a circular economy.

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The June 2021 Annual Edition of Momentum revolved around ‘Information Technology Operations & Service Delivery’ The modernization of a company's IT operations can help a company reduce its operational costs while also increasing the agility and efficiency of its IT operations The articles included in the issue provide insights into Enhancing capabilities of ERP, artificial intelligence and machine learning. In this edition, we introduced a new segment ‘FORSE in FRAME’ highlighting the achievements of FORSE members in various competitions and events. 

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The Annual March 2021 Edition of Momentum revolves around the theme of Logistics Management in the 21st Century. We have interesting articles about the Trends & Future of Sustainable Logistics, Challenges, Innovations & the Future in last-mile delivery and many more.  We have also started a brand-new section, "Faculty Speaks," to get views from faculty and increase the value for our readers.

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