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      Vavi Products

Vavi offers a wide range of home management products to protect and maintain your personal spaces. Vavi products include a wide range of cleaning products i.e., floor cleaner,glass cleaner, dishwash liquid, detergent, toilet cleaner, and liquid handwash.

Market Research- Designing promotion campaigns for Vavi products across a timeline for 3-4 months

First campaign started with product introduction where each product and its features were introduced on social media with promotional captions. After this a second campaign was launched, with the theme of before-after comparison to explain the impact of Vavi products on life of its consumers. Third campaign featuring “Defending the shades of colors of your life” was planned for future once the products gained suitable number of consumers.


In addition to this team was also involved in designing the website for Vavi on Wix from scratch.

This project gave an opportunity to the FORSE members to fathom their depth of creativity in launching new campaign, understanding the themes used by FMCG sectors especially in cleaning products. The members of this project learnt about teamwork, scheduling of campaign understanding of themes and methods to improve visibility on posts.

Overall, this project made members develop and enhance their creativity for launching more such campaigns in the corporate world.

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