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Live Projects

It is very difficult for a student to get industry exposure while they are studying. To help them with that, we at FORSE provide them an opportunity to engage with a company and work with them for a brief period of time on a particular project which may be existent or they build from scratch. We provide the best quality of services in terms of domain knowledge expertise, planning & consulting and execution of strategies pertaining to challenges faced by companies. Our Motto is simple “Strive for success by providing best quality work.”


SWOT & is a leading strategy research portal covering detailed SWOT & PESTLE analysis of industry sectors & organizations across the globe. The comprehensive collection on SWOT and PESTLE has been written by the team of professional analysts consisting of MBA’s, CFA’s and industry experts. The analysis has helped businesses, researchers and scholars with valuable insights to make strategic decisions and take their research forward.

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Wert & Wise Consulting

Wert & Wise Consulting offers services majorly in Management, Business & Tax Consulting. It also specializes in forming and implementing various business, growth and cost-optimization strategies.


Tee Bee H

TeeBeeH is a blogging website where well crafted, thoughtful, & engaging content is presented to its readers. Articles across various topics like entertainment, travel, business, food & culture are composed by bloggers and collated in a beautiful and easy-to-access website.


Vavi Products

Vavi offers a wide range of home management products to protect and maintain your personal spaces. Vavi products include a wide range of cleaning products i.e., floor cleaner, glass cleaner,  dishwash liquid, detergent, toilet cleaner, and liquid handwash.


Team HRD Consulting

Team HRD Consulting offers an array of services including Management consultancy, corporate restructuring and various other business consulting services.

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