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For registering for KPMG's Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certification to be conducted tentatively between 30th Aug and 2nd September 2021, click the REGISTER button after making Payments using link given in e-mail.

Intern Diaries

Every MBA student aims to land their dream job even before their MBA journey begins. And Summer Placements play a massive role when it comes to achieving that goal. But how to grab that opportunity in your dream company?

FORSE has been conducting its signature event, Intern Diaries, for the last many years to alleviate the fears of the new batches at K J Somaiya Institute of Management. It provides them with detailed insights into recruitment processes, on-the-job experience, and immensely useful tips to bag their dream SIP and secure their career.

We have interns from companies like JP Morgan & Chase, GEP, Morgan Stanley, ITC, Nestlé, HSBC Ltd., Britannia, McVitties, Accenture, Arcesium, etc. sharing their experiences with the new batches.

Register for Intern Diaries 2021, to be held on 1st August, 2021. Click the REGISTER button for registration.

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OpsQuest - IntelChains Simulation Game

OpsQuest IntelChain was a part of the Global Supply Chain Management Conference 2021 which involved a quiz round followed by a simulation game challenge. The event saw a convergence of industry leaders, academicians, researchers, SMEs and students, discussing the cutting-edge developments in supply chain and logistics. The quiz round tested the overall knowledge of students related to current events in the operations industry, as well as their decision-making ability and general awareness. This round put the students’ critical thinking skills to the test and also helped them in preparing for the next round which was a simulation game. The event involved analyzing and forecasting using an intelligent platform to manage essential items necessary to fight COVID 19 in pandemic hit regions at an economical cost.


'Sanrachana' is an operation's case challenge which was conducted as a part of Global Supply Chain Management Conference - the flagship event of Forum of Operations Research and Supply Chain Enthusiasts (FORSE). FORSE is the Operations Management & Supply Chain Management Committee of K.J Somaiya Institute of Management. We at FORSE are committed to educating students about operations, logistics, and supply chain principles by involving them in a variety of activities. The event was meant to test the knowledge and skills of students in the operations management domain and was exclusively designed for Indian students pursuing postgraduation.  Sanrachana proved successful is providing students with a great opportunity of exploring the deep side of the already learned concepts.

ImprOMptu 2021

Our event ImprOMptu is designed such that there will be no need to invest long hours and solve world problems.

All rounds will be quick and on the spot that will test your thought process and decision making. Because life just as we like it, in the present moment. So don't waste your time thinking, just register.

The Winner and Runner Up will get direct entry to the final round of the simulation game with prize money up to INR 15k!

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IdeaSpark 2021

Guest lectures are a highly useful medium to provide exceptional knowledge to students, it also adds an extra variety to the classroom routine. Providing guest lectures is one of the most important teaching practice at  K J Somaiya Institute of Management. As we were hit by one of the worst pandemics in the history, online classes are now a necessity and we are continuously organizing online guest lectures and online classes for students.

This year FORSE took the initiative of hosting an exclusive guest lecture series, “IdeaSpark” in association with the Global Supply Chain Management Conference (GSCM Conference). This new event is meant to provide the students with insights through industrial experts from esteemed companies like HUL, Yokohama, Aragen and ARaymond. Guest speakers make students aware of current business scenarios and situations which will help them get to know about existing problems from industry professionals who are facing them and present solutions also. There are hundreds of undiscovered opportunities for students, which they get to know about after interacting with the such eminent speakers. New updates in the industry that the current syllabus has not yet covered are something that the students get to know from such guest lectures.

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