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Kedar Ashtikar


GSCM Vice-President
Aditi Darekar


GSCM President
Prabhat Mishra


GSCM Vice-President
Nobarun Shome Choudhury

Overview of Verticals @ FORSE


GSCM is our very own Supply Chain Conference held at SIMSR itself. Last year it went international with tie-ups with Productions, Operations Management Society (POMS), Washington and National Institute of Industrial Engineering (NITIE).

GSCM has been a successful venture and facilitates a platform for students to interact with industry experts, research scholars, academicians and gain fruitful insights that will go a long way in their journey ahead.

Marketing & Digital Creatives

FORSE is a brand, and just like every other brand in the world, we need to build a strong presence and reach out to as many possible. Marketing and Digital Creatives is one such vertical that has been paramount in helping FORSE grow as one.

PhotoShop, Website Development, and Digital Posts on our channels, the department takes care of all of them, and provides members with the perfect platform to tap into their creative skills and implement campaigns from scratch.

With Digital Marketing being the future, and companies looking at Social Media Marketers as a useful asset, what better place to learn and practice than at FORSE’s Marketing Vertical.

KSS & Research Wing

The Knowledge Sharing Session (KSS) and Research Wing Vertical of FORSE deals in sharing knowledge about the Operations and Supply Chain field with the world. The learning is shared via campaigns on Social Media, Articles and Research papers on upcoming innovations, Quarterly Operations Magazine - Momentum and conducting Knowledge Sessions (KSS) on exclusive topics like Blockchain, Photoshop, Tricks & Tips to Excel at MS-Excel, MailChimp and much more, and are delivered by some of the best brains in the team.


This vertical of FORSE aims to enhance your knowledge base in the field of Operations and Supply Chain, and also provides an overview of the recent and latest trends and developments.


FORSE organizes a variety of events which aims at providing students with a wide range of exposure to enhance their professional profiles. We help them explore a wide array of interests by organizing year-long Guest Lectures, our very own International Conference – GSCM/POMS and Knowledge Sharing Sessions.

In addition to these, we regularly conduct Case Study Competitions, Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Program powered by KPMG, Call for Articles for our Quarterly Edition – Momentum, Simulation Games, and witness participation from across the breadth and length of the country.

Through this vertical, we strive to help students build their problem solving, analytical thinking and public speaking skills.

Corporate Relations

Through collaborations with corporates, FORSE provides live projects and mini-internships throughout the year in a multitude of profiles namely, Supply Chain and Process Optimization, Service Operations, Data Analysis, Market Research and Brand Management.

The process helps students nurture their conceptual and analytical knowledge in a real-time environment. They also get an opportunity to sharpen their presentation and marketing skills in front of industry veterans during their stint. Added advantage – Networking, a word you are going to encounter a lot going forward in your career.


Momentum is the official operations quarterly magazine of SIMSR and sees active participation from Operations and Supply Chain Enthusiasts.

Momentum has grown leaps and bounds since its inception and is now an International Edition with prominent reach in the UK, France, Canada and Australia.

Being a member of this vertical would provide you with opportunities to gain knowledge on many Operations, Logistics and Supply Chain related topics.

YouTube Content & Creatives

FORSE has its own YouTube channel named FORSEdu. We share educational content in the fields of Operation Research and Supply Chain Management on our YouTube channel. Our YouTube vertical is divided in two parts, YouTube Content and YouTube Creative. YouTube Content vertical is responsible for providing scripts based on relevant, intriguing topics. YouTube Creatives vertical is responsible for making crisp, interactive videos based on the scripts provided by Content team with the help of various industry ready softwares. We try to keep the videos in a simple yet organized and detailed manner for our audience so that they can grasp the gist of it.

The main objective of this vertical is to keep people informed about the various happenings around the world in the Operations domain and to make necessary information available in the form of videos. Some video series which we shared in our channel are the likes of Softwares and Tools used in SCM, Lean Management, Sustainability in Operations, Let's go green!, China's Operational Strategies and Supply Chain Efficiency, India's Oil & Natural Gas Supply Chain etc.


The Simulation vertical, a strong backbone of the FORSE committee, has been working since 2018. It is where creative, technical, and analytical minds come together to design simulations of real-world problems revolving around Operations and Supply Chain Management. The vertical does extensive research on several topics to get familiar with the industries' nuances and creates an experience to help you understand real-life problems. 

The strong resemblance to real-life situations and the ability to test participants on strategic decision-making have set a benchmark within the student community. Today the OpsQuest Simulation Game hosted by FORSE has turned into a brand known for its novelty and innovation. Some of our prominent games are Pandemic Management, Beer Simulation, Fisheries Logistics & SCM. We aim to help faculties, working professionals, operation-based companies, and industry experts simulate their problems to arrive at conclusive strategies.


Engagement is the newest type of venture for the FORSE team. FORSE has always been focused on providing relevant, helpful, informative and exciting content to various stakeholders associated with multiple online and offline platforms. With the establishment of a dedicated vertical for Engagement, FORSE aims to enhance, refine and redefine the content even further to ensure the best quality. The vertical aims to increase the engagement of various social fronts of the committee like Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn and Facebook and even on Spotify in the form of podcasts, potentially. The prime focus is on providing well thought out and planned strategies to the committee to increase the reach and quality of engagement. The target audience is aimed at but not limited to students, working professionals, faculty, industry experts and aspiring operations management personnel from all over the world. The vertical also aims at creating an active environment where students are exposed to developing real-world and hands-on experience with various promotional tools like SEO, Social Media Analytics, Understanding the algorithms and trends of social media. The vertical would provide tailor-made and carefully curated strategies for other verticals in FORSE to align with the overall aim of the committee as a whole.

With a young, agile and aspiring set of students, the engagement vertical is all set to work on strategies to create meaningful interactions with a varied group of audiences on social media and digital platforms

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