It is very difficult for a student to get industry exposure while they are studying. To help them with that, we at FORSE provide them an opportunity to engage with a company and work with them for a brief period of time on a particular project which may be existent or they build from scratch.We provide the best quality of services in terms of domain knowledge expertise, planning & consulting and execution of strategies pertaining to challenges faced by companies. Our Motto is simple “Strive for success by providing best quality work.”


We usually go to a waterpark, oblivious of the chain of events happening at the backend. Learning about why a ride was placed where it is or why a food stall is in a particular place and not somewhere else was very insightful. Not only did we understand the application of different TQM tools but also learnt the functioning of such a huge water park.


It is necessary to have a digital presence in today’s world and it is also a great experience if you are doing it for a company, new or old doesn't matter. Everything from content generation to social media marketing has been learnt and applied during the course of this life project. Planning the posts and building digital creatives was an integral part of this live project.