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‘Momentum’ has been a collaborative effort, with the young, brilliant minds sharing what they know about a particular topic in the field of Operations and Supply Chain Management. Business minds in top B-schools nationally and internationally pen articles on the theme of the issue. Apart from articles momentum covers a wide number of interesting topics like a start-up in operations, recent trends and scope in operations, brain teasers like a crossword puzzle and cases and many more. With different experiences being shared, this magazine is not a knowledge gaining but a knowledge-sharing platform. Momentum is released quarterly on our social media handles. best operations magazine. best supply chain magazine. best logistics magazine. 


This year the June 2020 Edition of momentum revolves around the theme of Supply chain analytics. We have interesting articles about Big data, role of supply chain analytics in post pandemic times and many more.  
We have also started a brand new section "Corporate Insights" to get views from industry experts and increase the value for our readers.



The Annual March 2020 edition is focused on ‘sustainability in supply chain and logistics'. As both consumers and organizations are being conscious nowadays, sustainability in operations is the need of the hour. This edition covers green supply chain, reverse logistics, impact of sustainable supply chain and many more exciting topics.

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Momentum Dec 19 POMS International Editi

The international issue of POMS 2019 edition was released at the 'POMS International Conference' on 13th December 2019. This year Momentum crossed the borders and received various articles from France, UK, Canada, Australia and the US. It covered the theme ‘Supply Chain in the new environment of Industry 4.0’ with amazing articles on IoT, AI, Drones and blockchain etc.


The Momentum September Edition 2019 focused on “Scope of Operations across Industries and Business Functions”. Operations are the key to success in any business. It is not just about manufacturing, supply chain, and logistics but also includes how business operates or provides services to customers. The articles included in this issue provide insights into various topics like the Interdependence of HR and Operations, Operations in Banking, Robotic Process Automation, IT in Operations and much more intriguing topic.

Momentum September 2019 Edition Updated