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This is one of the SCM simulation games that we provide. In this game, we provide a life-like experience on how the actual supply chain works. It incorporates the supply, distribution and forecasting parameters, and using the SCM knowledge of an individual and the business acumen, they have to optimise costs to bring out a profitable business.

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This is one of our SCM simulation games that we provide. The simulation is based on demand forecasting and supply chain management. It provokes you to think,  analyze, and then enhance your decision-making process. But don’t be so happy, because inefficiencies may occur at any point due to poor capacity utilization and high level of safety stocks which then leads to a symptom of co-ordination problems called as  ‘Bullwhip’  effect.

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Ever experienced the thrill of competition with top business minds across India? Well, Experience speaks a lot. And being a student it gets difficult to get such first-hand experiences. So what other than a Case Study competition, on a real-life example, can do a better job. This not only attracts the most brilliant minds of the country but also pitches them together to bring out the ultimate winner.

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SCM Simulation games

It is easy to get an article, you wish for, from the market. But did you know the complexities involved at the backend? Try our handcrafted and perfected simulation game which gives you an insight as to what happens to goods from the place they are manufactured and to the place they are consumed.

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